Heal the Pineal - Detox with Hung Song (book in English)

Heal the Pineal - Detox with Hung Song (book in English)

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Year of publication: 2020

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Heal the Pineal - Detox with Hung Song by Githa Ben-David

In 'Heal the Pineal – Detox with Hung Song' Githa Ben-David shares how you can decalcify your Pineal gland with your own voice.

Recommended by Bruce Lipton in his newsletter July 2020, author, Professor in biology, epigenetics


Most people's Pineal gland is calcified with fluoride, chlorine, calcium and aluminum deposits, a condition which weakens the immune system.

Balance your hormonal system, optimize your body’s natural immune and detox system, obtain perfect sleep, minimize menopause symptoms, get rid of chronic allergy, joint pains and much more. The method is based on Githa’s personal experience with The Note from Heaven/'Aaar'-song and Hung Song – a groundbreaking new, free medicine.

When stimulated with vibration, the Pineal gland secretes the sleep, rejuvenation and super antioxidant melatonin, causing people to get deeply relaxed. 

'Heal the Pineal' is a scientific, electrical, chemical, historical and spiritual investigation of the Pineal gland leads Githa Ben-David to Nikola Tesla, Professor Gerald Pollack, geologist Rex Newnham, scientist Stephanie Seneff, Professor Bruce Lipton, ancient Philosophers, Jesus, Moses and to a vast number of other scientists, Medical doctors, spiritual teachers and therapists.

'Heal the Pineal' includes exercises, links to demonstration films and free webinars.

Githa Ben-David is educated at the Danish Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. She has studied classical Indian singing with Mangala Tiwari in Varanasi and is a recognized pioneer in Vocal Sound Therapy. singer, composer, autor and leader of 'International Education in The Note from Heaven'.


Lars Muhl on Githa Ben-David's book 'Heal The Pineal'

'Heal the Pineal' is one of the most pervasive studies of the pineal gland, its importance to human development and our ability to strengthen our immune system.

An epoch-making book that opens new doors to higher awareness of what a human being is and what opportunities it holds.

Githa Ben-David is one of the world's most recognized sound therapists, with more than 33 years of practical experience. With a background in classical saxophone from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen and 6 years studies of classical Indian khyal singing with Mangala Tawari in India, she has developed her own sound therapeutic system, the Note from Heaven, from which she currently leads an international education for sound therapists.

At all times, man has used sound for therapeutic purposes, from the Australian Aboriginal's 'Songlines' to today's more pragmatic ultrasound therapy. For over 33 years, Githa has been researching the possibilities of the human voice as a therapeutic tool, and experience from this clearly shows that what sets the human voice above any other form of sound stimulation is its ability to be sensitive and intuitive.

With 'Heal the Pineal', Githa Ben-David bridges the gap between the natural sciences and the spiritual sciences, recognizing that when the two become One, humanity can take a new and decisive step on the path of evolution.

It is characteristic of Githa that she has complete confidence in her own well-developed intuition, and does not helm until she has turned every stone in her quest to find the truth. And in this process, she does not refrain from using herself as a living laboratory.


Review of Githa Ben-David's book ‘Heal the Pineal – Detox with Hung Song’ by Scientific and Medical Network

This must be the most comprehensive handbook about the pineal gland and how to heal and decalcify it, especially in relation to Hung Song chanting, based on the musician author’s own experience (she is also the wife of Lars Muhl). She goes back to the work of Tesla, who showed that the ionosphere represents an infinite electric energy source, a technology that was not taken up for commercial reasons and in the interests of power and control. The book puts bio-electricity in a central role, as I also discuss in my review of Arthur Firstenberg’s book. The author explains the pivotal role of the pineal gland in the distribution of melatonin and in capturing light frequencies. She is careful to distinguish between healthy and harmful frequencies – the latter including the impending 5G rollout. The work of Dominique Belpomme shows that we are in fact living light batteries and that of Dietrich Klinghardt that heavy metals act as antennas for radiation, reinforcing toxicity from chemicals. The next section explains the origins of Hung Song and its role in the healing the pineal gland, itself related to the third eye and therefore to spiritual perception.

The cultural history of the pineal gland (so-called because of its spiral shape resembling a pine cone) is fascinating, as is the scientific background and its susceptibility to toxins and calcification. The recent discovery of the interstitium – a network of fluid-filled spaces in connective tissues – can explain why the energy of sound healing can be felt throughout the body. The author describes various healing techniques that she uses, some involving breath, and other methods such as sun gazing (with appropriate cautions). The pineal gland plays a critical role in the circadian rhythm through its secretion of a variety of hormones, including melatonin, but many elements of modern life have interfered with its proper functioning. Restorative sleep is also crucial through the operation of the glymphatic system, which prevents toxins from building up in the brain. Unfortunately, pesticides such as glyphosate have been found to bind to melatonin receptors, leading to a disruption of the endocrine system. The toxicity of modern life means that we have to maximise the effectiveness of the body’s regenerative systems, and the book is an eye-opener in relation to the symptoms of pineal calcification (p. 160). There is an interesting section on the therapeutic effect of boron and the work of Dr Rex Newnham, especially in relation to arthritis (www.earthclinic.com). Towards the end of the book, all these approaches are helpfully summarised into a comprehensive self-help programme. The underlying content of the book is not only healing, but also a return to our inherent Oneness in a world of separation.

David Lorimer
Programme Director
Editor, Paradigm Explorer
The Scientific & Medical Network