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Sound healing with The Note from Heaven on Skype by Githa Ben-David

Sound healing with The Note from Heaven on Skype by Githa Ben-David

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Sound healing with The Note from Heaven on Skype by Githa Ben-David

Unfortunately, Githa Ben-David takes a break from giving sound healings indefinitely, unless you are going to attend one of her courses on her education in Vocal Sound Therapy and would like to get in contact with her first – then it’s possible to book a Skype treatment, please contact secretary Nanna at

Githa has made a list of other qualified sound therapists who give both personal treatments and Skype treatments - click here to see it.



A treatment on Skype lasts up to 20 minutes and is different from a normal sound healing as the recipient doesn't doze off like in a normal treatment where the recipient is lying down.


Price and payment

A treatment costs 400 DKK and will last about 20 minutes.

Please pay for the treatment here on the webshop one day before the treatment at the latest. Your ‘ticket’ for the sound healing will be your order confirmation.

Technical problems or cancellation from both sides: Arrange a new time with Githa.

Refunding: If you withdraw from the treatment or if you are not on Skype at the scheduled time, there is no refunding.


Book a time

Please fill out an application form (download Word document here) where we ask you to describe your condition, its duration and cause.
Send the completed form together with some suggestions for times to our secretary, Nanna, at

Available times (Danish time): mondays from 10-12 am and wednesdays from 8-9 pm.

Send an invitation to the following Skype name: thenotefromheaven.

For ongoing treatments you will arrange times individually with Githa.

All information will be treated with confidentiality.


Before the first treatment

1. Please watch two videos here on ‘Githa Ben-David: Breathing’ ( and Lars Muhl’s film on Githa Ben-David: ‘The Note from Heaven’ (

2. Practise the correct breathing and try to sing The Note from Heaven.


Books on The Note from Heaven

‘The Note From Heaven: How to Sing Yourself Into a Higher State of Consciousness’ by Githa Ben-David.

Purchase the book here:




About sound healing on Skype

As Githa Ben-David's work has become known abroad, many foreigners have sought her treatment. As this was and is difficult geographically, Githa recently tested a Skype scanning of tinnitus. It has proved to be at least as effective as when you are in the same room, according to the results that Githa and her son Peleh Ben-David have experienced with clients.

Earlier, sound scanning and sound healing results could be explained by a resonance that physically occurs between the singing therapist and the recipient. That this also occurs digitally from one end of the world to the other, is so far an unexplainable wonder. The strength of the treatment is that when both parties reset themselves in a "The only thing I know is that I know nothing", then the energy opens because you surrender yourself to the moment.

The treatment is like a game, because it feels funny to have to move around in front of a computer screen while the healer sings on you. For example, it may be that solar plexus should be treated. Then you place yourself in front of the screen and the sound healer in the other end sings on the area over the screen. The advantage of a tinnitus treatment is that as a recipient you can adjust the volume yourself. Some people cover their ears, others put the speaker up to the ear. The effect speaks for itself - about 80 percent can normally feel the treatment. Both parties must be open so the energy can be exchanged.