Introduction to Hung Song (mp3-download)

Introduction to Hung Song (mp3-download)

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Year of publication: 2019

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Introduction to Hung Song by Githa Ben-David (mp3-download)

First part of the album 'Hung Song', where 'Breathing meditation for Hung Song' and 'Hung Song for hormonal balance' come afterwards.


Githa Ben-David's two books 'Help' and 'Heal the Pineal' (published in English in November 2019 and Danish in 2020) describe Hung Song and its effect on the hormonal system, especially the Pineal gland, which is the main secretary of secretion of melatonin, DMT and heparan sulfate.


Melatonin and heparan sulfate are vital hormones that clean the nervesystem at night according to senior researcher Stephanie Seneff, Boston. Each night, the sleep hormone melatonin transports sulphates into our nervous system and purify our cells from within.


Among 2-16 year-olds, 39 percent had a calcified pineal gland in a scientific study (mentioned in 'Heal the Pineal'). Most adults have a pineal calcified by calcium, flour, aluminum, chlorine and other pesticides that is deposited here.


With Hung Song, the Pineal can be cleansed and energised so that the califications crackle. Once the Pineal is purified, the body's natural detoxification system will be kick-started and you will feel a tremendous change in health. It is important to hear this introduction before you start Hung Song, because the method is effective and CAN start a detoxification process that you must be prepared for.