Rising (CD)

Rising (CD)

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Format: CD

Year of publication: 2005

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Rising - CD by Githa Ben-David

Vocal music for healing and self-healing


'Rising' was created due to requests from cancer patients with the motivation to cure themselves by singing. The greatest pioneer of them all was abandoned by the established medical system with mesothelioma among other things. She faithfully tried out 'Rising' twice a day for over half a year, and when the results were promising, Githa Ben-David decided to publish it herself.


Githa Ben-David says: It is my experience and experience via feedback from listeners that 'Rising' generally strengthens the immune system and that it can therefore be used in a broad context. A listener also experiences having his hearing cleared by the main track on 'Rising', possibly because the track contains overtones that are above 9000 Hz. Others have mentioned that the music calms them, and others that despite sleep problems they doze off to the music. There are therapists who use the music during their treatment, and apparently, the results are strengthened. I myself have used it at the dentist, and I really enjoyed it - without anesthesia. More cancer patients use 'Rising' daily. Some have experienced that the tumors have become smaller, in others the cancer has stopped developing. No one knows for sure how much influence 'Rising' has on the healing process. My only advice is: Feel within yourself. What feels good is right.


Track list


1. Rising

39 min. Choir (quintet), solo voice, ocarina, bamboo flute, great grandmother´s piano.


2. Womb

10 min. Sound of embryo (39th week), humming.

My midwife (Anni Brehmer) helped to do this recording of the sounds, that a baby can hear as an embryo. I do humming for the baby. The purpose of this track is to help people who has traumas from the embryo stage.


3. Roots

9 min. Choir (quintet) singing undertones, African drum, kalimba.

This recording is for people who needs grounding or healing on their tissues or bones. Put the feet or a hand on the speaker, and the vibration will be felt in the body. 'Roots' can also be used by sound healers/singers, who wish to practise to sing undertones. These notes are however not traditional undertones. Githa sings whatever comes to her - and she does not use any technique, besides relaxing and wishing to give people grounding. In soundhealing/scanning with The Note from Heaven, the healer should ONLY listen. Therefore, the notes that will resonate are the right notes. You should never force any special sound you can make artificially on anybody. The reciever's body will call for exactly the sounds it needs. Therefore, you should listen inwardly to feel what the body's reaction is of these 'songs'. What you feel is good, is good for you. Trust yourself.


Recommendations of Githa Ben-David's album 'Rising'

'A few weeks ago I bought 'Rising' and I have hardly heard anything else since. It is in a class of its own and extremely powerful. Even when I talk on the phone with my friends they experience that they are healed by the sound vibrating in the background...'
Suzanne Dee Pedersen, author of 'Gentagelsens Metamorfose'


'I have heard 'Rising' once or twice daily for the past six months and I am still fond of it. My work with 'Rising' strengthens my breathing, and I am filled with energy and a feeling of well-being. Before I could only manage 250 meters on my exercise bicycle. Now I can cycle 5 kilometers.'
Annie Sørensen


Comment by Githa Ben-David about Annie Sørensen:
Annie had lung cancer and conventional treatment no longer had any effect. Annie sang and listened daily for three years to 'Rising'. When she stopped, after a month, she sadly passed away. Her work can help others: It seems like singing or singing to the notes of 'Rising' (slow gradual, chromatic tranposing of the musical keys) can support the immune system to such a degree, that you can survive even a deadly cancer. The medical doctors told her she had maximum three months left when she started singing with 'Rising'. I thank you Annie for being so determinated and to ask me for making this album to support your idea, that cancer cells do not like chromatical movements of sound.
The voice with the birds in the introduction is my (at that time) newborn son, Ghil - he was on my arm when I recorded the birds in the garden.